A Brand Evolution: A Couple of Chicks gets a Facelift

As we near our 5th anniversary, we have been very reflective of the journey that has brought us here.

From “A Couple of Chicks who just know what we are doing,” to more than 12 Chicks (and guys too) who are work on online marketing programs with brands such as the new Intercontinental New York Times SquareIgnite Magazine, Destination Halifax and many more – we have come a long way baby!

It was time for the original chicks‘ – named for our childhood nicknames “Cici” (Alicia) and “Petunia” (Patricia) to step back and take a little break. (never to go away forever we promise!)

We are happy to report that both Cici and Petunia are resting on a beach with some margaritas as their new iconic chick counterparts take over as the face of A Couple of Chicks eMarketing.

A Couple of Chicks eMarketing

A Couple of Chicks eMarketing

The journey we took to get to this new look was intense as we spend so much time working on the “other people’s websites” and overall marketing, that taking a hard look at our own brand was eye opening.

As we have evolved from primarily a Search Engine Optimization company five years ago, to the full service Digital Marketing Agency that we are today – with services that include everything from Online PR to Social Media Marketing to ongoing digital marketing program management, it was time to take the plunge.

Ross Rodgers and his amazing design team at Radonic Rodgers Design + Marketing, along with our own Chick creative architect Amy Seagram, took us through the journey to determine how we were going to maintain the fun and personality in the brand – but evolve the look and content to speak to what we really do for a living!

The result as you can see here on the Blog, and on our Twitter.com/acoupleofchicks profile are the first to go live, with the website updates coming in April.

As we have worked on so many web presence re-fresh projects over the past five years, we are glad to have taken this project on as what we have been reminded is that there is no good time to do it!

We are lucky to have a team of people who have assisted us in this exercise and are thrilled with the result. A good reminder that sometimes you need to take the time to take a good look at your own branding and what is says about you. A nice 5th anniversary gift to the Chicks we think – enjoy the beach ladies, you have had quite a good ride!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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