Forrester Research predicts Online Marketing Spending to Increase by 17% over 5 years

Search marketing is still leading as the way to reach consumers online according to many sources. A recent report by Forrester research highlights trends over the next 4 years with overall online marketing spending forecasted to grow to 21% of all online marketing spend by 2014 – a huge 17% growth over the next 5 years. (source: eMarketer)

All I can say is I guess so! I am of the opinion that it isn’t whether or not Ad dollars should shift online at this point – but where online is the best place to focus those dollars.

The report does also does suggest that Social Media and Mobile will be the channels to focus on – but until 2011 we should keep our bucks in Google Adwords, email marketing and Display advertising.

I would say you better get “cracking” (could not help the Chick reference) with all online media based on your target consumers sooner rather than later.

If your target audience spends their time on LinkedIn – you better join the conversation now. If your target customer is sharing travel tips on Facebook – no time like the present to start joining that conversation. (so is now a good time to encourage you to become a Facebook Fan of the Chicks?)

In the meantime – stay focussed on what is working to drive leads and sales to your cash register not the latest and greatest technology that may not be right for your business.

Source: e-Marketer 2009

Source: e-Marketer 2009

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