The beginning: One post, tweet and heart at a time

I am feeling especially reflective as we approach the end of another year. It may have been Christmas music and snow day that have brought me to this place. Maybe it is the Songza Singer-Songwriter playlist that did it.

Or perhaps it was the highlights of our collective social story over the past year highlighted in a Wall Street Journal article…but I digress.

Our use of social media in all area’s of our lives has made us “Life Scribes,” documenting not just pop culture and news applicable to the masses, but also the daily life, relationships, work, connections, the desires and dreams of well…everyone on the planet.

The way we tell our stories has changed.


Our stories have become interwoven into all that we do. Media weaves over from our televisions, and into our Facebook timelines and tweets.


“Our moods move with the streaming song lists and Netflix binge watching.

We consume our media and share our stories, our music, our feelings.”


We share it all, across multiple devices, and sometimes while sitting in the same room. We watch and participate at the same time, and are all contributing to one big collective social story.

I wonder now where storytelling will go from here.

A tweet has the shelf life of about 30 min or less depending of course on your chosen #hashtag. A beautiful moment caught on Instagram may be shared a few million times.


What if we are simply flying by these beautiful moments?


Social media and our ability to always be connected and interconnected has made us all story tellers, journalists, photographers, artists and therapists. The devices that connect us to our social networks have enabled us to participate in our world, far outside of what we were able to do only a few years ago.

Consider that we are now getting birthday wishes from people from all area’s and times of our lives on Facebook. Well wishes posted to our walls from childhood friends, to business colleagues, to family and friends – allowing us a connectedness to people and experiences that would have been impossible to maintain and grow in the past.

We are sharing music, personal photo’s, locations, and are able to express ourselves with words; comments and reflections, and sometimes overused quotes from Deepak Chopra, Oprah, and of course Bethany Mota.

  We are now contributors to the collective story and not simply passive observers. We have a big responsibility.


I feel especially responsible to reflect on my highlights and observations as a student of digital media. I am excited to say that I intend to do this the good old fashion way.  I am going to write a book. This article is the start to my adventure.

This book might be written as a series of blog posts, or on Wattpad, but while reflecting on how we are telling our collective story, I am excited to tell my own in whatever place I am comfortable to do it.

Thank you for listening friends, followers and fellow scribes.



What’s your Twitter handle?

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Perhaps you don’t have a good handle on what Twitter really is and all the ways to use it?  (it’s ok really…we are all still learning).


Twitter is above all else a communications tool, a vehicle for any business or person to build buzz, discuss topics of interest with like-minded people, a place to engage in a conversation with your customers and colleagues, a customer service tool – and a way to increase reach much quicker than traditional media.

Unlike Facebook and other Social media channels, Twitter is about forming new connections with people you don’t necessarily know (or will ever know) in person.

Twitter can be used to push out content (new blog posts, articles of interest, photos and videos), to stay up to date on trends, and to drive awareness to brands and businesses, and most importantly – the people behind the brands.

Twitter’s greatest power, once you have developed a twitter tone, a good following – and you have figured out how to provide your followers with valuable, engaging content – is its ability to communicate quickly to large numbers of people.

Twitter is a great tool for crisis communications, live event, or CRM, for extending customer service online, and above all, a great tool for building brand personality and credibility.

Not a place for pushed out marketing messages, Twitter allows you to communicate and engage with your target audiences. Use twitter to draw attention to other places where your brand lives such as a company website, or Blog, or even your company Facebook page where there is more room for expanded messages.

You will need time and resources to set up and manage a good twitter account, and not having a Twitter strategy will certainly lead to poor ROI and possibly some mishaps along the way.

Twitter Tips:

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 3.47.06 PM


Make sure your Twitter handle – your Twitter name – mine is @Alicia_Whalen_  is reflective of your brand, and ensure the bio is more personalized to the Tweeter

Pick the right image for your profile pic.  This becomes how other Tweeter’s will recognize you in the newsfeed.  Brands should use Logo’s.

Be strategic when developing your tone – be conversational and add value to the ecosystem

Share and RT (re-tweet) newsworthy or quality content. It is a good practice to “return the favour” with re-tweets and thank those who RT your content

Use @username (the Twitter handle!) when referencing another person in Twitter


Mark positive feedback as “Favorites” by clicking the heart in Twitter, and retweet (RT) good content.

• In general, follow people who follow you – but not always. It is not about how many followers you have on Twitter – tweeters will look to who you follow as an indication of who you are.

Tweet interesting news and info related to your company and industry, and follow colleagues, industry associations and even competitors.

Twitter lists allow you to categorize Tweeps (Twitter people) and better organize how you follow their content

Use Hashtags # to index and label your content in Twitter. ie. #TwitterTips and #Socialmedia for this Blog post will ensure that this content will appear in a Twitter stream of content related to using Twitter – and may then be seen by more people

Set-up scheduled updates and manage your Social Media postings through tools like or Sprout Social – or even through the Twitter APP.  You can manage comments and messages directed to you on the go easily with the Twitter App.

Monitor. Use tools like Sprout Social and – Twitter also now has analytics that show you the reach of your posts.  Deeper analytics are available for Ad posts or promoted posts within Twitter.

Twitter takes time and commitment but can open you up to brand fans, brand champions, and new customers far beyond traditional marketing communications channels.


Be authentic, show some personality, don’t sell, make sure to drive traffic back to your transaction point (your website, a phone number, email sign up, Blog etc) use Twitter as a part of your overall marketing communications strategy – and have fun – it is ‘social’ media after all!



Alicia Whalen  is a Speaker, Blogger, Entrepreneur  and Co-Founder of – The platform that harnesses the power of social and user- generated social content.  


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