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Introducing – a new Digital Marketing Platform and home to all of my upcoming Events, and Projects!



The Digital First Marketing model is the inspiration for my upcoming book Digital First Marketing for the Digital First Economy.I will be sharing insights and interviewing experts along the way as I launch one module at a time, along with the Digital First Marketing Podcast.

Join me over the next 12 months

as I launch one module at a time starting with Consumer Behaviour in the Digital Economy, followed by modules that include; The Website, Search, Social, Mobile, Technology, Measurement and more!

My mission

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 3.12.57 PMIn writing this book, I will work through the Digital First Marketing model, invite case studies and commentary.  I will be publishing the modules monthly, with the help of all of you who have had success and learned lessons along the way.  I invite you to Subscribe, Follow along, contribute or comment.

Digital First Subscribers will get a copy of the finished book, and will be recognized in the credits.

Join me for my Official Launch of the Digital First Book Project on April 15th at





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“In today’s world, you are not a brand or a business without a Digital First approach to marketing, sales, commerce, CRM, and even brand experience.”  

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