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What’s HOT in Social Media according to @acoupleofchicks (and other good sources)

Forget about the current heat wave in Ontario, lets talk what’s HOT in social media.  It seems like there is a new viral video, vine, keek, or tweet making Mashable.com and even offline news headlines every day.

Here is a roundup of some of the recent hot topics in social, and why we think they are important to take note of:

Tweet-able Soundbite’s…Should you care to share: 

(or for those who prefer to read article highlights in 140 characters or less. I get it. Note this is also located at the start of the blog post and not the end. You are welcome.)

– Smartphone penetration up 17pts in Canada in 2012 to represent 62% of mobile audience #HotinSocial @comScore @acoupleofchicks via www.ideahatching.com 

– What u need to know about #Facebook #Graphsearch #GSO (graph search optimization) + new FB Ad tool #PowerEditor @acoupleofchicks #HotinSocial http://www.ideahatching.com/?p=800

– Search #6secondpostcard on Twitter for examples of #travelvines @zoebfox @mashable @acoupleofchicks #Tourism #Vine #HotinSocial via www.ideahatching.com 

– 77% of LinkedIn users search for company brand pages, 65% of journalists use LinkedIn as a reseach tool #travelmedia #LinkedIn @acoupleofchicks via www.ideahatching.com 

– Hot in Ontario.  Really Hot. #melting #heatwave #sweating @acoupleofchicks via www.ideahatching.com

Facebook’s Graph Search is here

Get ready for Facebook Graph search to overtake your profile soon.  Graph Search is rolling out to users across North America and now making Facebook more of a social search engine than ever before.

Facebook hopes that now you will search restaurants and hotels that your friends (and friends of friends) LIKE on Facebook, and that this will become more important to users than what  the Google Reviews or Tripadvisor’s review’s say.  The searchable content will not be simply tagged status updates, but will also be links to posted pictures and videos of personal Facebook profiles.  The algorithms that go into that data-sorting I am sure would boggle the mind.

How many have actually looked back through the history of your Facebook life since you sent your first Poke?

There can be some pretty bad photos, and maybe even some embarrassing status updates.  What about those family photos posted from that trip to Disney in 2010.  Wasn’t that trip right after that horrible hair dye incident?!

  Chick Tip: Time to check those Facebook privacy settings friends!  

Hotels, travel destinations and brands, for more on Facebook Graph and how it will impact you,  refer to this recent article posted on Tnooz. The article some great insights on optimizing for Graph Search and gives a nice recap of GSO (graph search optimization) and what hotels need to know about updates to brand pages.

 Power up your Facebook Ads with new Power Editor

Facebook now gives brands the ability to target Facebook ads to their current customers based on email, phone or Facebook user ID list. The new feature is called Custom Audiences, and is available through their new tool they call Power Editor.

Power Editor is a browser plugin created by Facebook as a way to manage and bulk edit ads. For more on Power editor and why you should be using it be have a read of this article we posted to the Chicks Facebook community page earlier this week.

Chick Tip: Time for a Social Network Refresh?

Are you sharing the types of updates tailored to the latest platforms, and suited for today’s digitally savvy and mobile connected consumer? Have you updated your profiles or brand pages lately?  Your social community profiles may be in dire need of a refresh!

With recent changes to major Social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn, you may be missing out on using some great new ways to tell your story and connect.

It also may be time for a website design refresh, taking into account that many consumers are now online on tablets and scrolling through content in a different way then even a year ago.

According to a recent *comScore report on Canadian trends in the digital space, Mobile access is up 10% (2012 over 2011), with new research that shows that cell phone users are likely to also own a connected device such as an e-reader or tablet.

Consider that browsing content on a tablet such as an iPad is much different than browsing on a desktop, or even a smart phone. There are design and usability issues to consider when developing or re-developing any new website, but this is especially true now.

As an indication of changes in design and navigation, note that WordPress and Tumbler blogs and website page templates have become much more image rich, with less room for content, with more “Sharable” plug-ins.  Most new websites are also applying a more responsive design for easy scrolling navigation on a tablet.

 Let’s talk Twitter

Twitter has been busy working to make the platform more useful, secure, and apparently more fun.  The latest and greatest to hit Twitter is Vine.

Twitter Vine allows Twitter users to express themselves in short looping videos. Vines can be created via an App for iPhone and Blackberry, and now also on Android devices.  Check out some examples of travel videos on Vine by search on Twitter using the Hashtag #6secondpostcard.

Twitter has also announced a new Canadian headquarters with former CBC personality Kirsten Stewart at the helm! Welcome to Canada Twitter – and @kirstinestewart we are happy to have you lead the way!

Time to pay attention to LinkedIn

LinkedIn has taken the 3rd spot behind Facebook and Twitter as the most popular social media channel in Canada, up *38% in usage according to comScore’s recent trends analysis.  It is time to pay attention to your linkedIn profile, and your company or brand page on LinkedIn.

77% of LinkedIn users have searched for company brand pages, and 65% of journalists have used LinkedIn as a researching tool. LinkedIn company pages and profiles are indexed in search, and LinkedIn is quickly becoming the go-to network for business and professional networking.

This is not your momma’s job search/resume posting website anymore!

Authors Note: I cannot say “weather” or not that the title of this post was influenced by the incredible HOT temperatures currently being experienced in Ontario.  I reiterate. Hot.

Find me on Twitter @acoupleofchicks and let me know if you think that there is something we should cover next!

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