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Facebook – You don't know me like you think you do

Super Bowl is the only time anyone cares about Ads.  It seems like only yesterday I was scanning my Facebook newsfeed to keep in touch (stalk, creep, lurk…) with my Facebook friends.  Oh the early days of Social Media

Enter Facebook promoted stories and posts and other fancy ad products.  Oh yes my fine facebook friends, those posts showing Ellen’s face miracle secret (don’t pretend you didn’t see that one), and articles touting the benefits of the newest Dr. Oz trick to detoxing in 30 days are planted there for us to comment like and share.  Ok those were planted on my newsfeed just for me, but I digress.

Remember when a status update meant something?

Understandably Facebook needs to create revenue streams. According to a recent article in the Business Insider, Facebook does not have much to worry about there.  But perhaps ad products such as “sponsored stories” are just making an already cluttered newsfeed cluttered to the point of frustrating its users.

From an marketer’s perspective, this is equally frustrating.

When Faceboook was primarily an organic and viral community of chatter, it was fairly simple for a digital marketer to create a brand voice that could be part of a dialogue with users.  Within the last two years, Facebook’s algorithms have changed to try to service advertisers and generate revenue, while remaining relevant to users.

We are on to you Facebook.

Brands must now pay to be part of that dialogue through Facebook Ad products such as promoted pages, offer claims, and the list goes on.   These PAID opportunities are now necessary for advertisers to reach user newsfeeds – even if the user has already LIKED the brand.

Reaching Facebook users has now become a delicate balance of paid and organic content working together to keep Fans engaged. And so it should be!  Hopefully Facebook will continue to weed out the Ad products like sponsored stories that confuse and annoy us.  Scrolling endlessly through content that Facebook thinks is relevant to me is really starting to interrupt my attempts to quietly listen to my Friend’s mood swings, victories, struggles and Grammy award rants. #Madonnastillrocks

The only time we really want to see Ads is when we ask for them.  I am prepping a pot of Chili already for this weekends Super Bowl commercials…I mean game.



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