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Google Turns 15, and Takes A Stand On Important Issues [Like Most Teenagers Do]


The following guest post comes to us from one brilliant “guest” Chick – at a time when Google has done it again! [ Twice in one week for that matter]. Will Google’s #Humingbird update affect your website?


This week Google turned 15 and in exactly one month so will my daughter.


By Stephanie Chiquette:  Director of Hotel Brand Program Management at A Couple of Chicks   Stephanie has a passion for SEO and her family, and this post highlights both.  Enjoy!

1998 was a year of great change and it represents the birth of some of my biggest passions.  I’ve watched them both grow and evolve over the years.  Things were so much simpler back then – the world was a smaller place then and the newness of it all was so exciting.  Like babies, Google did not come with an instruction book so there was a lot of trial and error in those early days, and late nights and early mornings.  It was hard to understand if what I was doing was the right thing (mothering strategy and digital marketing strategy) because neither could talk to me, yet. And both were cute in the beginning but have change so much in the way they look having matured into things of beauty –from toothless smiles (image-less search results and websites) to bright colorful beings with multifaceted reactions to questions! There is an ability to anticipate my thoughts and to know how I am going to react based on past behaviors.

They are definitely both mobile and social now too!

But as time has passed, we’ve gone from crawling to walking and to running and chasing to keep up.  Sometimes they move faster than we can and in ways and directions we never imagined!  My daughter has become a fountain of words, wisdom, and fun, able to give me her feedback and at times has presented challenges.  So has Google, with ever evolving search results, Google analytics, and webmaster tools.  They’ve also both become more complex and have set boundaries and standards as they mature.  Ironically, they have both been able to work for me although it’s hard to compare emptying dishwashers to PPC but getting traffic can be a chore of sorts!

And now things are getting more and more complex over time, trying to figure them both out hurts my brain.  I can thank my lucky stars that I have not had any major issues with either along the way. In looking at my daughter, I can see that as this beautiful creature grows into a young woman she has developed a life of her own and deserves some privacy.  She will let me in, but on her terms and on her conditions.  And no matter how many different ways I ask, she will likely never tell me absolutely everything.

Google has announced two major shifts this week that echo that sentiment.


First the encryption of keyword data and second the newest algorithm shift – Hummingbird.

I could sit here and write on a very technical level what the impact is, and what is a marketer to do in a moment of change like this.  But when I step back and think for a moment, it is all very simple and not hard to figure out.

Here’s my take on what this all means to search marketers and how it parallels to advice I would give to my daughter for life in general:

  1. Don’t focus on just one thing, be well rounded. Look at the big picture and keep that perspective.
  2. Be mindful of your overall presence and not what one group thinks or knows about you.
  3. Keep it real – do what is natural and not forced.
  4. Strive for quality and be sure everything you do, say or post ads value.
  5. Think of others.
  6. Reflect on how you are doing, seek the advice of others and input from various sources.
  7. Trust your gut.
  8. Be ready to evolve. Nothing stays the same.
  9. Keep some mystique about you, don’t give it all away. Draw people in.
  10. Have fun.

So when I see them go hand in hand [teenager gripping smart phone] I have a warm happy feeling that we’re not doing such a bad job after all. And that when you take a back to basics approach and keep it real, life is much better for all.


Stephanie Chiquette is the Director of Hotel Brand Program Management at A Couple of Chicks ™ Digital Tourism Marketing. She is an expert in digital marketing for hotels, and all things search.  Stephanie works with hotels and hotel management companies to guide and execute digital marketing strategies.  Stephanie is a proud, and self proclaimed GEEK, loves her job and her family (not necessarily in that order).  I think we will keep her!




Google jumps on #birdbandwagon #Google #Humingbird Is your website ready? http://www.ideahatching.com/?p=828  @acoupleofchicks

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