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Marketing Travel and Tourism on Facebook



Last week Patricia and I had the pleasure of working with Facebook Canada to present a Webinar dedicated to marketing travel and tourism on the social media platform now accounts for over 15,000,000 active Canadian users, who are spending on average more than 20 min per day posting and sharing content such as; photos and videos, details of what they are listening too, what they are watching, what brands they LIKE, and sharing this with their over 190 facebook friends (on average per Canadian user).

How does this relate to how consumers research and buy travel?  Are consumers transacting on Facebook?  How do you measure the ROI on time and resources invested in building a Facebook community and managing it?

In preparing for the webinar, we worked with the team at Facebook Canada to produce content that would educate destinations, hotels, attractions and other tourism suppliers, not simply about how to advertise with Facebook, but how to build a successful brand page, engage Fans and amplify the brand message beyond brand champions to friends of fans and beyond.

Key tips and takeaways for marketing on Facebook:

Connect: Focus on building fans, and creating valuable and relevant content for them.  You may consider ads here to build fans, but you must make sure you have a good content plan to engage them once you acquire them.

Engage: Focus on good content such as photos, video’s, ask questions and have conversations with Fans.  The better “liked” and more “shared” your content is – the wider your reach into your Fans’ newsfeeds and the more likely they are to share your content with friends.

Amplify your message:  Encourage Fans to Like, comment and share your content to ensure your message is reaching beyond Fans to friends of fans.  Once you have built a good community of active Fans who appreciate what you have to say – then it is time to think about the next stage in your facebook strategy.

Here you might consider sponsored stories and other advertising solutions to push your fan base to the next level, and to ensure your brand stories are reaching the right target audiences.  Ensure that your efforts are strategic, and or campaign specific and have a goal, whether it be to drive traffic to a website, build more fans, or to promote a specific offer.

Influence: Be good at it!  Make sure you have a content strategy, and a plan for your facebook brand page.  Ensure you have a voice that is consistent and metrics in place to determine the success of your efforts.

Use Facebook Insights to measure and adjust:   Facebook Insights allows community managers to assess how well they are building their Fanbase, weather or not they are increasing their influence and reach, and the quality of individual posts of content to ensure adjustments are made on an ongoing basis to improve performance.

Integrate:  Your Facebook brand page is not home to your brand.  The website is still the cash register, and consumers are still actively using search engines to find and organize content on the web.  Ensure that your strategy is properly integrated, and that metrics are in place to properly measure and adjust.

Facebook may not necessarily the place for direct response advertising, unless you are looking to drive traffic to a website, or specific campaigns.  Social media is definitely the place for your brand to be present and actively communicating when consumers are sharing, commenting and reviewing the destinations they have visited, or want to visit – the experiences they have had, and the places they recommend to family and friends.

Finally, stay the course, done is better than perfect!  Please share this post with all your friends on facebook!

The Chicks' with Nick Sergeant and Alfredo Tan - your Facebook Webinar dream team



Thank you to our friends at Facebook Canada for inviting the Chicks’ and for making the post webinar Q&A such a lively one, we look forward to next time!  Cheers from the Chicks!


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