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Wanted: Social Media Marketing Coordinator Paid Internship

We are looking for a ‘peep in training’ (student currently completing or enrolled in post secondary studies, with focus on Online Marketing and Communications) to join our team this summer as a Social Media Marketing Coordinator:


  • Fun loving
  • Open to new experiences
  • Not commitment phobic
  • Possess writing skills significantly greater than just the ability to send a text in under 10 seconds, in complete sentences
  • Resourceful at utilizing the Internet to find more than the latest update on Survivor
  • Independent. Not clingy or seeking that special someone to hand hold you all day
  • Would eagerly anticipate that a team call will include discussion on the latest YouTube rage
  • Recognize politics are best left to politicians and not the water cooler
  • Appreciate that the board room can sometimes be poolside


  • Ooze fun times while working hard
  • Believe all relationships should have learning’s
  • Able to offer a valuable experience to prepare you for after our time together is over
  • Respected for our ability to deliver the goods for our clients
  • Encourage growth and development to assist you on your career path
  • Recognized by industry associations with shiny awards that say we’re a company of our word and good at what we do
  • Possibly open to making this a long term arrangement if we all get along
  • Appreciate that the board room isn’t always poolside

Responsibilities include:

Facilitating updates to company and client social media sites, assistance in building social media communities on various social media sites, researching topics for company blog, and quarterly newsletter, assistance in writing blog topics with experience in SEO, web writing etc.

The not so fun administrative work may include:
Document task assignments from client work back schedules, and management of content in internal systems.  You might also have to make Coffee (it’s a Tassimo – no training required).

No Filing – we are a virtual company! (Bonus)

This internship will be paid, and you will be required to work out of Chick headquarters in Port Credit (Mississauga).  Not a bad place to spend the summer!  If you think you’re the kind of person who can excel in this environment then we’re a match made in heaven.

Please contact us via email with your resume and tell us why you are the one for us! We’re waiting to hear from you!

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