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managing your digital assets from your phone

I am about to present a workshop to small to medium sized businesses about how to grow your business using smartphone technology..specifically Blackberry. In creating my presentation, I realized how much I have taken for granted the role my smartphone has played in growing our reach online.
Later today, I will post my presentation to Slideshare and link from my Blog…all from my smartphone.
My Blog post will then populate the Chicks Facebook page, LinkedIn company page and my own profile, I will then Tweet a link and comment – and within minutes the content will be distributed to thousands of people within minutes.
In addition, our team is entirely virtual and yet with tools like Skype, blackberry messenger, and other tools technology has enabled us to be ‘together’ in our virtual office every day.
Technology is our business, but as I have stopped to put together my presentation – technology has also enabled our business to grow from just 2 chicks to 14 in just 5 years.
Chicks also really dig shiny technical objects…but that is another blog post.

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