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Building your Tweet-cred

By Definition – (according to Wikipedia anyway) “Street-Cred” refers to: “the objective and subjective components of the believability of a source or message – with two key components: trustworthiness and expertise.”

So – How do you build your credibility on Twitter?

The first step in knowing that you need to build your Twitter credibility – so congratulations you have taken the first step!
Twitter is a medium like any other, its only the facilitator of the conversation – not the message. So lets start from the beginning.

You have just opened your Twitter account and are starting to look around and get comfortable. (I guess that is the first tip – don’t just dive in and start tweeting – that would be like joining a group mid conversation without knowing who they were and what they were talking about)

1. You should “follow” the tweeters you know. (either personally or through networks etc.) Get the lay of the land and check out what they are chatting about and with whom. Continue to build your network of Tweeple the honest way, one follow at a time, based on good content that is interesting to you. DON’T follow people because you think you need followers to fit in.

You don’t need followers to fit in. If you have interesting things to say and you are believable – tweeters will follow.

2. Once you have a good base of people to follow and you start feeling comfortable with the whole 140 Character thing – post a tweet. Try reaching out to one of the people you follow using the @ symbol plus their twitter name (ex @acoupleofchicks great post on building your Tweet-cred!) Ok so that was shamelessly self-serving to mention myself – which brings me to my next point.

3. If you are going to self promote, just make sure that you acknowledge that you are doing so (see above mentioned self promotion!).

4. Use your manners. If you get a RT (Definition: Re-Tweet – another tweeter posts your tweet giving you kudo’s for your good content) make sure you send a thank you, and make sure you RT other content that you find valuable, interesting or funny.

5. Now…get comfortable, read and enjoy other conversations, join them, pass along good content that you think your network would enjoy.

And most of all – don’t get stressed out because you think everyone is looking at you because you are a newbie. We were all newbie’s once!

Ok one more thing – don’t tweet about what you are “doing now” even if that is what Twitter tells you to do. (that’s just not cool).

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  • Terri McCulloch says:

    Good advice, Chicks! I think you also need to remember that Twitter is about CONVERSATION with fellow Tweeps (this is where it differs from FB statuses greatly, in my opinion…tho’ you can set up Twitter to autofeed to your FB status – or vice versa) A good starting point for destinations is to aim for 1/3 broadcast (stuff you think people would like to know about your destination), 1/3 conversation, and 1/3 RTs of other ppl who are talking about your destination on Twitter. Working very well for us @bayoffundy!

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