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“A Couple of Chicks is also Hot”

I loved the title of this article so much I could not resist!  The Chicks have recently received the honour (spelled right in Canada I promise!) of ranking as one of Canada’s “Hot 50” Emerging Companies – according to Profit Magazine.

Both Patricia and I are thrilled to have been recognized in the Profit Hot 50 list and would like to take this opportunity to say thank-you to all of you who have been reading our articles, Blog posts, following our adventures on Facebook and Twitter and who have supported the plight that started four years ago to take on the Internet – “one title tag at at time!”

We also would like to recognize our incredible team who are virtually located around North America in Austin, Texas (We love you Texas Anne, even without an accent!), Ottawa (shout out

Canadian Online Marketing firm A Couple of Chicks

Canadian Online Marketing firm A Couple of Chicks

to our “Chiquette” yes that is really her last name – and we did not hire her for it), Toronto (snardi – always trying to keep the Chicks’ on time amongst a million other things), Halifax (Sandie- our grammer-hammer), Mississauga (Christy is the newest Chick in the coop), Niagara (Amy is the original artist behind all things chick, and Ray who keeps our shopping under control – hard to do).

Without all of you, our ‘peeps’ – and all of our partners, clients, friends and families, we could not have achieved this with our sanity intact. And I guess that is even questionable! 🙂

With that I will sign off this post and leave you with the article from the Mississauga Business Times who said A Couple of Chicks is also Hot” – These Chicks are blushing!

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