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Don’t bother me, I am CMSing! New Article discussing new media marketing management

A new Article featured on www.acoupleofchicks.com by Patricia Brusha (the other chick) discussing how new media and digital marketing channels have changed the way we need to approach marketing.

Article excerpt:

…With all of the new social media websites and other online channels, there are so many places now that we need to keep updated to ensure that a consistent brand voice is being communicated. The continual time and energy to update all the channels whether it is done in-house or outsourced, is another full-time role and one that crosses over between departments outside of marketing.

Let’s take a look at what a typical hotel might have to do to announce a Mother’s Day special as an example. After creating a package and making sure it is compelling to the consumer, the marketer must get it on the website and either update it themselves through a Content Management System (CMS), or send the update out to their webmaster. Next, they jump on Facebook and create a Facebook event page and invite others to join. They update their Linked In Connections and request them to go visit their Facebook page and become a fan. After all what is a Fan page with no fans?

Then the Tweeting (translation: posting updates to http://www.twitter.com/acoupleofchicks in 140 characters or less) begins with a message to all followers (and that is only if they have spent the time necessary to build a group of engaged followers who might actually respond to the message).

Simultaneously, they have asked the Chef to write a blog post on the properties blog, while they craft an optimized press release to post in the hotel’s RSS feed. In between all that they send a quick email or text to the Search Engine marketing firm to remind them to create a PPC ad campaign with a proper landing page around Mother’s Day, and update the keyword bidding list and SEO efforts to include terms on Mother’s Day.

It doesn’t stop there a quick call to the ad agency to whip up a collateral piece to put out at the front desk, a request for them to create a banner and a print ad, all the while still tweeting as your message disappeared as fast as you posted it.

Wait we’ve forgot the e-blast! Exhausting, overwhelming and then you still have the deep dive into your analytics to calculate the ROI for each of these initiatives for the upcoming owners’ meeting.
Read more “Don’t bother me…I am CMS’ing!” on www.acoupleofchicks.com

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