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Reinventing the workplace with generation “f”

Right now I am preparing a presentation on how executives can use social  media and I came across this article that puts it all into perspective. There is a new generation to manage, understand and communicate with – and as this article points out, you could call it Generation Facebook.  The rules of work related life have changed due to the accessibility of information, and the number of people online.

As Gary Hamel points out in his blog post the Facebook Generation vs. The Fortune 500, online expectations have changed the way that executives and managers communicate both within their organization, and through their networks.  No longer can executives ignore this powerful PR tool we call social networking.  Before diving in to Twitter, Facebook or even LinkedIn, I must reference Hamels’ list of 12 work-relevant characteristics of online life which reviews the new rules of online interaction including “Contribution counts more than credentials“,  and “all idea’s compete on an equal footing“,and my favourite…”groups are self defining and self organizing” (no one can force you to connect with anyone online).

So…don’t ban Facebook and Twitter at work. It is a powerful networking and sales tool and it would be a good career mover to understand how social media websites like LinkedIn have changed business and how you can get involved.

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