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All Twittered out?

I find lately that I am starting to micro-Blog on forums such as Twitter and Facebook, which allows we to quickly share idea’s or good articles I read, but it is also taking up so much time that I have less time to focus on good content and getting that content to you.

I even made the comment today on my chicks Twitter page that  Social networking was beginning to feel like a never ending cocktail party “ without the cocktails!” (to which I immediately got the response from one of my “followers” that Tweets are more fun over drinks!)

I must say that these social networks have made connecting with people easy and fun, and the speed of which I can learn about all of the latest things going on in the online marketing world has been accelerated like I could never have imagined. I knew today that Facebook would be updating many of their functionalities and profiles today hours before it went live.  I was also able to hear what others were saying about the updates through discussion boards and chat rooms (yes very distracting but interesting non the less!)

I did read a fantastic article today from www.clickz.com about the new consumer revolution and how digital behavioural marketing is the secret to success that I would love to break down for you but I think after about 20 tweets, a few photo uploads to Facebook, a couple of LinkedIn connection updates and some “friend’s” Happy birthday wishes I am all talked out!

So check us out on www.twitter.com/acoupleofchicks , www.twitter.com/orcconference and on Facebook too! Might just have to meet you there more often!

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