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Google Maps goes social with Google Latitude

Google maps goes social. Why not everything else has? The Toronto Star reports that The software plots a user’s location marked by a personal picture on Google’s map, by relying on cell phone towers, global positioning systems or a Wi-Fi connection to deduce their location. The system can follow people’s travels in the United States and 26 other countries.  Ok so now we are really being watched by big brother and his name is Google!

Of course Google is just adding yet another social networking tool allowing us to keep tabs on not only what they are doing or how they are feeling 24 hours a day, but also their precise geographic location! Check out the YouTube Google Latitude video.

The Star article reports that there are no plans to sell advertising allowing the local Pizza Parlour to lure me in for a deal on a medium pie knowing full well that I am within a block of the store during dinner hour. Wonder when Google is going to add an app to that sending the smell of freshly baked za through my Blackberry?

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