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Social media marketing in action – Lululemon hits Facebook!

I just got a Facebook invitation to attend a lululemon athletica (in English that is trendy Yoga wear that is very popular for fitness buffs in Canada) warehouse sale. This is a brilliant execution of marketing using social media channels to generate buzz and traffic. Here is what makes this campaign work:

1. The brand has a strong target market of mostly women ages 18 + who are active and involved in fitness, Yoga and Wellness.
2. They have utilized a channel (Facebook) that appeals to women ages 18+ to generate buzz around a community with common interests.
3. They positioned the group around an event instead of simply a special sale being offered at Lulu retail outlets which gives it an extra tone of exclusivity for the audience.
4.The Warehouse sale is being held in a destination (Niagara Falls, Canada) that does not have a Lululemon retail outlet within a 40 K radius, but is in close proximity to Southern Ontario and New York.

5. The 3 day event in Niagara Falls will allow for the possibility that guest’s can shop more than once during an extended stay in a popular tourist destination.
6.The campaign lives on the brand home website http://www.lululemon.com/niagarafalls/warehousesale but the call to action for the sale is to visit the Facebook page.
7.The Facebook page has virally grown to 779 confirmed guests and 209 Maybe attending with the ability from both the website and the Facebook page to invite more friends to attend.

The Wall posts on the site are active with comments from group fans including “I totally want in, I have to come to see my family anyway”, and “any ideas about how big of a sale this will be?” The target audience is inviting the marketers to give them more! Wow, talk about conversation marketing!

Another reason that this social media marketing exercise will be successful is that the admins are also contributing to the conversation with tidbits like “.. just imagine this: 34,000 square feet of space! Over 500 rolling racks full of clothing! As much product as you’d see in SIX lululemon stores, all in one spot!” They are not forcing the advertising message, but they are seeding the conversation and interacting with their audience.

Seriously, this is a fantastic execution of Social media marketing, looking forward to seeing the results! (and Yes I will be attending the sale).

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