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Digital Advertising – the new Conversation Economy

In a recent Media in Canada e-newsletter, David Feldt, SVP and GM at digital agency Organic nicely recapped the digital marketing trends and changes in 2008.  The following are the high points of note:

1.       Huge growth in social media, digital out-of-home, digital point of sale and mobile smart phones
2.       The “app-lification” of marketing and media with downloadable apps, music for mobile devices (iPhone being the trend setter) and social media websites – making people able to connect anywhere at anytime
3.       The start of the “Conversation Economy,” where brands need to join the conversations that consumers are having and play less of a prescriptive role. (I love it – the Conversation Economy – David I just might use that one!)
4.       Growth in 2009 in Location-based marketing (ads served up to mobile devices and digital signage through GPS technology)

I would agree with Mr. Feldt in saying that although everyone is focussed on the “R” word as of late, the digital marketing space will continue to grow in 2009.  With the ability to so accurately target, measure ROI immediately and engage consumers like never before, Marketing online will provide organizations who are ready to take the leap a huge advantage. 

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