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PhoCusWright Bloggers Summit re-cap

PhocusWright 2008 is unfolding and after the culture shock of being in Hollywood has finally started to wear off, I am starting to get in the grove. I spoke on a panel of Bloggers yesterday, and usually when I do this we are speaking to an audience of non-bloggers trying to understand why and how we do it.

The session was more than 90% full-time bloggers, and they came back for both sessions. This leads me to conclude one of two things; they were looking to connect with their Blogger comrades, or two, they were hoping that we might be the ones to translate what a blogger needs back to the marketing folks.

Strangely enough, there were only about a handful of tourism suppliers (that raised their hands anyway) that were attending the session to learn about how to engage bloggers. (as Bloggers at this conference we are lumped in with traditional media which is interesting) 

Below is a quick re-cap of the discussion for those of you who are wondering how to capitalize on this new media channel. If you are going to “pitch” a blogger in the hopes that they will start to talk about your brand:

1. Make sure you have the right Blogger…there are so many Niche blogs out there that not every story makes sense. (spamming a blogger is not cool)

2. Have a plan and something worth talking about.

3. Don’t try to control the conversation. If you are going to start planting your brand message into social communities, you should go in knowing that this is not an advertising channel – a good blogger is very much like a traditional journalist, and will only talk about what inspires them.

4. I would recommend if you are really going to dive into Social media marketing, first observe it and then jump in. I am sure my fellow bloggers would add to these points, we were a bit of a motley crew! 

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