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Joe the Blogger has a voice

I think what I am watching right now is not only a historical election, but a comment on how the new social media reality has enabled the masses to have a voice. 

I am sitting in my living room consuming both multiple television broadcasts of the U.S elections, and various user generated platforms like Facebook (which actually has the most active “profile update” activity I have ever seen!) – both of which are analysing and celebrating a historic U.S political shift.
A few points I have to mention:
1.       Has this vote been altered most by a less filtered view of election issues as the general population is not limited to CNN/ FOX (and other news sources obviously)? Now, thanks to the shift to user generated content, social networking and access to broadcast media available after original television broadcasts  (thanks Tina Fey and SNL!)  – “Joe the Blogger” it seems now has a voice!
2.       Are we watching an election that has been shaped by accessibility to a true “popular” opinion forum in the social media platforms that include You Tube, Facebook, Blogs, news forums and beyond?
Could we argue that this could not have happened four years ago due to the accessibility of information and resources for research?  I would say absolutely!
This is truly an indication of how the internet has affected the flow of information.  Perhaps the new social media “movement” is reducing the filter effect that the media has had in the past?  Now that is historical!

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