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A Tourism blog is born and chicks in Hollywood!

So although I have led three online marketing workshops this month and each time have advised all audiences of the great commitment required to be a good Blogger – I have been a bad blogger!  I feel like I am 12 again and I have been neglectful in writing in my diary!  It has not been for lack of content – simply lack of time I am afraid, but I am back in action with much to cover!

My most recent post which detailed my thoughts on surviving in a tough economic environment unfortunately still seems to be relevant.  In saying that, I will practice what I preach and not focus on the negative, but what we as marketers can do about it!

On blogging specifically (because it seems that the hot topic out there is Social Media Marketing and how do we do it), I have had numerous discussions with active Bloggers this month, and once again I must suggest that before you launch a Blog (simply because your neighbour has one) that you clearly outline a plan, purpose, and identify who will be the “voice” behind the blog.

We recently launched a new Niagara Falls Tourism Blog, which is authored by a gentleman by the name of George Bailey, who is known in the community as “Mr. Niagara Falls.”  Niagara Falls newest Blogger has a passion for Niagara history, people and the region – and coincidentally can write a good account of a story that he was either personally involved in or has researched extensively.  Mr. “Niagara Falls” has personally lived and worked in Niagara his whole life.  He is authentic and genuine in his accounts of the people that have visited the iconic destination (he has toured the likes of Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe), knowledge of little known historical facts, and love for the region.  I will be excited to see how this Blog develops moving forward.

With Blogging on my mind, I have to let you know that I will be at the PhoCusWright Conference 2008 in Hollywood, California later this month (Chicks in Hollywood!!!),  sitting on a Bloggers panel , with other travel Bloggers from around the globe.  I am thrilled to be sitting on the panel and will definitely be doing some blogging while I am there.  We will be discussing topics such as cross platform social technologies (how do we manage all of these online conversations across channels like Twitter, Facebook and the Blogosphere?), why these trends are critical to your branding, and where this fits within your overall marketing strategy.

Once again, as I have said time and again and will reiterate on the panel – add your “social media marketing plan” to your mix, but only with a plan in place (including budget, resources etc.), and only if it makes sense to your business – because take it from me, it is not as easy as it looks! 

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