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As I was reading through the entries posted by the Bloggers that will be joining me on my Bloggers panel this week at the Online Revealed Caribbean show in Puerto Rico, I came across a section focussed only on website critiques by Blogger Don Dees (yes a pen name), and found that I have a kindred spirit in the Caribbean!  He critiques a big boy brand “coors light” about a re-launch of their brand website in the Caribbean.


He points out in his review that all the flash and circumstance (ha ha) means nothing if you fail to ensure that you completely understand your audience and incorporate interactive touch points such as an invitation to connect with a community page on Facebook, or a link to a special events calendar, or a invitation to open Video or photo archive, and at the most basic level,  a focus on SEO and content so that the website can actually be found. 

Dees points out in his critique of a new Coors Light Caribbean website (among many other comments) that the old website was ranked in the search engines for search term “coors light Puerto Rico” in the #1 spot on page one.  and now after the re-launch of the site, they are ranked 8th.  Ouch!

When reviewing this post I realized that this is what I love so much about blogging!  Nothing formal just opinion, no worries about fallout from commenting on someone or something controversial (although fallout does happen sometimes, and many Bloggers do soften their messages to not offend), just candid thoughts and opinions about topics that interest the blogger and his or her audience.

I wonder if Coors Light or their agency read this review and made adjustments to their strategy?  I will ask Mr. Dees and let you know!
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  • Don Dees says:

    First, thanks for hosting the conference. As I said from the beginning it was going to be awesome and it was!

    Second, too bad we didn’t get a chance to discuss this. Unfortunately, the strategy to confront failure or problems here on the island is the ostrich approach. While I’m not sure they ever did anything, the recent agreement between Adobe and Google to index Flash pages might have saved them because they are back on top.

    Finally, thank you so much for your optimism and encouragement. It meant a lot to hear that you’ve been exactly where we are, but have persevered to be successful. When do we start planning next year’s conference?

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