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Trendpedia.com a new tool in measuring online buzz

From the makers of Attentio social media monitoring software comes a new FREE tool to measure online “buzz”.  What makes it unique is that is graphs competitive keyword phrases against each other and measures the amount of blogs, RSS feeds, social media websites etc. that mention the phrases.  Then, under the graphing tool, it consolidates and provides links to all of the posts that mention the keywords.  Talk about staying on the pulse of your brand buzz! 

There are obviously some more robust measurement tools available with the Granddaddy version of the software “Attentio Brand Dashboard” – but using this tool to monitor and measure changes to online conversations about your brand and your competitors is definitely valuable – especially in a world where your “word of mouse” is everything.
I spoke with Simon McDermott, Co-founder & CEO of Attentio and Trendpedia about the new application who said that using the tool will also help to predict trends, and then will be able to graph trends for the “explainers” out there who want to measure the importance of online buzz for brands.
Nice work on the name too – Trendpedia.com is brilliant!

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  • Don says:

    Does this software only measure the number of blog posts pertaining to the topic or brand you’re researching that were “new” on a particular day, or does it keep a running “count” of blog posts for those topics?

    For example, I did a search to see how Crowne Plaza is trending compared to Sheraton and Marriott, knowing that I have blog posts pertaining to these brands, but in the results of the search, I didn’t see any of the posts I had published that mentioned Crowne Plaza. Just curious as to why that would be, when I would see other blogs that simply mentioned that they had stayed at a Crowne Plaza the night before.

  • facebook-profile-picture
    awhalen says:

    The tool is in Beta right now and it is a free tool with the ability to have more robust measurement with the Attentio Brand Dashboard. I will ping the trendpedia folks and let you know!

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