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“social advertising” the word of mouth of the future?

Word of mouth is nothing new – hasn’t it always been the best form of advertising?  Now we have the massive community networks like MySpace and Facebook – and the recently launched www.chicksaway.com (I had to put that one in!  Shameless self promotion!) that are modifying how people consume advertising messages.

I for one do belong to the “I Love LuLu Lemon” group on Facebook – and I am proud to be there!  Recently, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg spoke to New York Ad execs about what he is dubbing “social advertising.”  He spoke about how Facebook’s new advertising programs will be “less commercial”  because advertising messages will be accompanied by comments from friends.  I guess my question is – how do you make a commercial for a product less commercial??!!  I guess Mark Zuckerberg has the answer!
As a re-cap – Facebook is going to allow companies to set up profile pages on the site, and will share with the advertiser information about the 50 million plus users of Facebook that will help them to target their messages to those already engaged in their brand.  It could look like this…if I buy a pair of my Lulu Lemon yoga pants on www.lululemon.com – I could be invited to broadcast my purchase to my network of 150 plus friends on Facebook.  Wow – talk about social advertising!  I am not sure that I am interested in receiving details from that many people about what movies they rented at Blockbuster and what jeans they just bought on gap.com.
Lululemon does not yet offer ecommerce on their website by the way – and when I did try to order something online I found it very refreshing that the first message I saw on the website was “Speak to a Real Live Canadian – At this point in time we don’t offer e-commerce on our website. However, we hope you consider picking up the phone and calling the customer education centre.”  How refreshing!  Guess they are doing things the old fashion way!

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