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Women love to shop online – really?

Women love to shop!  Of course we do!!  We also love to shop online according to the June 07 “Online Insight” Report by Burst Media. 54.5% of women use the internet to make purchase decisions over traditional word of mouth, TV or other media.

emarketer summarized this data reporting that major online buying categories for women in the past six months included travel, adult clothing and health and beauty products.  I also found it interesting that women on average use fewer online sources to research then men.  Guess that gives us less time to close the deal with this important audience!Women Research Buying Decisions Online

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  • Joanna says:

    I am not suprised that women use fewer online sources to research than men, I think that when women shop they have a much clearer defined plan than a man and the way a woman shops on the internet is very similar to the way they would shop on the high street.

  • facebook-profile-picture
    awhalen says:

    Thanks for the comment Joanna! Great site – I love your concept and the clothing – do you ship to Canada? 🙂

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