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CNN and U Tube, Yahoo answers and Henrietta takes a trip

So I am back from a week in the Orlando sun (and missing Mickey Mouse I might add) and I have already been sidetracked from my list of to-do’s with some things I found that I must share.  Firstly, a friend pointed out today that CNN is now inviting “you to be the political analyst” where questions to candidates (moderated and sorted of course by CNN)  are coming directly from the American public.  Who knew that CNN would share the spotlight with UTube calling it the CNN/UTube debate!  Now there is a shift in demographics for UTube and CNN – I wonder who the marketing genius is behind that one!  It will certainly be interesting to see how and if this forum changes the dynamics of how CNN packages this part of their election coverage.

CNN Utube

Then there is my distraction of the day (taking me away from my recent Facebook addiction) – Yahoo Answers.  So I created my Yahoo Avatar, poked around a little and asked my first question.  I will keep you posted on my progress.  I am just wondering with all of these online applications and widgets – what are the masses actually using?  With all of these online communities and social forums comes registrations and submitting personal data across so many different channels, I guess I just wonder which of these platforms that the masses will adapt as the new search engine. 

I don’t think that the search engine is ever going away (yes Google – this chick thinks you are A OK for awhile!), but the way that users are consuming the content available on the world wide web is very rapidly changing.  Just when marketers think they have it figured out – something new appears! 
 HenriettaI move on now to the continuing adventures of our official Chicks mascot – “Henrietta” the screaming rubber chicken.  Henrietta it seems has found a happy place in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and has taken up kayaking.  Last year she was white water rafting in the Alberta Rockies and now this!  I think that this chicken has a thing for water sports!  Check out Henrietta’s latest adventures here – thanks Tom!

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