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Online Revealed Canada – Conference Re-cap

The 2nd annual Online Revealed Canada Conference was a fantastic success with over 30 hours of content and engaging

conversations between participants and presenters.  The Conference became a true social media education forum.  

Interactive dialogues among the conference community included discussions around Selling Complex Products Online, The Impact of Behavioural Targeting, Blogs and other Social Media tools, Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing.  The conference included 16 Workshops that were broken into tracks with Organic Search, Paid Placement, New Media and Travel that provided participants the tools to immediately impact their own online travel marketing planning.

Some keynote highlights include;
“Reviews and Recommendations are the number one influencer online,” said Dr. Hunter Madsen of Yahoo! Canada.  And as Sally Falkow summarized in her review of the presentation – from a show of hands in the room of 200 Canadian Tourism professionals only a handful were adding social media marketing to their mix.

Dr. Madsen pointed out that reviews and recommendations are perfect for the travel space and yet many destination and travel sites are not using social networking techniques to engage their audience.

I think the biggest conference takeaway – with content presented by PhocusWright, EcoTarget, Orbitz, Yahoo! Canada, Travelzoo, amoung others, was that  the internet is not a one way communication medium and users are interacting with your brand every day.  

A successful web presence now goes beyond the website.  Pushing out your message through articles or press releases posted to an RSS feed, creating a Blog and encouraging comments, reviews or dialogue from your customers, or even just being aware of the online conversations happening every day about your brand are the best ways to get started.  Influencers are talking about your brand every day,  and this new form of “word of mouth” is more powerful than your marketing message.

It was also announced at the conference that Online Revealed is taking the show on the road with six regional Road Shows to take place in major Canadian cities over the next 12 months. I will keep you posted here with details.  What a fantastic event and thanks to all who made it such a success!

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  • Dave Forde says:

    What is exciting about all of this is that we haven’t even scratched the surface of the total potential, wait till Canadians really start using mobile devices. Compared to the US, Canadians companies don’t fully use word of mouth – there is still a ton of education that needs to occur within the marketplace.

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