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I have a new mandate with this blog of mine…I am hoping to attract not only those fluent in “blogspeak” and all of the acronyms that go along with the online space, but those who are still a little fuzzy about what a place like www.ideahatching.com is for,  and why it is here!  Ok – I define my Blog as being like an online journal (for those of you who have come across this site accidentally – or just thought that the “chicks” were cute).
I am using this Blog to talk to you out there in the e-universe – to let you know what I find interesting, relevant or amusing within the online marketing world and beyond.  I felt compelled to add this post after a few blank stares I have received lately when I mention that I have a Blog.   My posts (for those of you that have not read through my notes below) are random thoughts about internet marketing, search engine marketing, things I think are funny, chick travels, great articles I have read, and other stuff!  I think as I said last week in one of our workshops that I am finally finding my tone here and after months of blogging, this place is starting to feel like home!
So please, come back and visit often – and post comments here, even if you are not a regular Blog reader or have never posted a comment.  It is fun – really – give it a try!

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