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Website Usability and SEO "Boiler Plate" Summary of Best Practices

I receive search engine optimization articles from a variety of sources every day. My partner Patricia (the other chick) and I have also been known to pen our own articles once in awhile! Although most of the material I read is well written, I find that I just don’t have the time to read through everything to find the key high points – and yet my job as an SEO and web marketing consultant is to have the answers for my clients.I often read through http://www.webpronews.com e-newsletters and RSS feeds for information that is well organized, useful, and relevant to my clients! They even attend each of the Search Engine Strategy Conferences and then summarize the various discussion points for me as a quick “boiler plate” of takeaways so this chick can keep on working!

We have been paying a great deal of attention to Website Usability and how the internet as an advertising medium is so different than other traditional offline media.

Although this summary of usability issues from webpronews.com is not written as a formal article (it is a summary of a session at SES San Jose) – it truly hits some of the high points of the issues surrounding how Website Usability and Search Engine Optimization are “two peas in a pod.” This one is definitely worth a quick read! 

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