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SMO – Social Media Optimization

Yes – yet another Acronym! I would definitely take the time to read “An introduction to Social Media Optimization (SMO)” – a great article about how to use the new consumer search/user behavior to drive traffic to your website.We have “SEO” or Search Engine Optimization, we have “SEM” or Search Engine Marketing, and now we as marketers must also be aware of “SMO” or Social Media Optimization,- which was very nicely defined by Rohit Bhargava as “to optimize a site so that it is more easily linked to, more highly visible in social media searches on custom search engines (such as Technorati), and more frequently included in relevant posts on blogs, podcasts and vlogs.”

Chick translation: Social networks and vertical search is increasingly becoming the way that billions of people “search” or navigate through content on the internet. Consumers are forging through content differently than in the past. Consumers are relying on the experiences of others or “testimonials” to navigate through all of the content available on the World Wide Web.

Why? Because a search for one particular term or phrase in google will produce millions of results – many of which are unrelated to the search term. Consumers are finding ways to “sift” through all of this content by relying on other experiences and recommendations.So what is a web marketer to do? We were just starting to understand SEO and SEM!

Instead of simply “optimizing” your website for search engines,web marketers must also be visible to those that are researching and participating in these social networks (ie.Myspace), in Blogs, and through RSS content feeds(My Yahoo and personalized Google homepages are both examples of RSS content feeds).

Don’t have the time to create new content for your website all of the time that is relevant to your audience? You can aggregate content from other sources (other RSS feeds) on a page of your site.

Example: Your website business is a Wedding Planning service for your area. You create a place on your site that houses various articles about wedding planning written by various authors from various sources. The content is fresh for both the search engines and for your customers.

In addition – create a Blog (like this one!) to create dialogue with your target audience – or create a forum within your site (or a social network) where your target audience can gather to discuss relevant issues. Voila! You are applying the techniques of SMO!

So my “Chick Tip” of the day? Be aware that to be found by your customers, you need to continue to embrace these new Acronyms and what they mean to you so that your business is at the top of the heap when your customers are looking for you!

I will sign off today with a “mashup” or “aggregated” list of the 16 new rules of “SMO” as defined by a group discussion of this article!

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