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Google takes its place in the English Dictionary — really?

In all our research about search engine optimization , the importance of such new online media trends and what these trends mean to real businesses – I often get hung up the fact that media in general is shifting so rapidly to be consumer generated and reliant on integrated social networks. I am so intrigued to think about what the internet as a medium has done to us as consumers – and what this means to us as advertisers.I loved this article When Will Google Become Generic?– By Naseem Javed where he discusses the term “Google” or “to Google” as a verb – an often used and accepted part of the English language. Just like the “Kleenix” and “Aspirin” brand names that came before it, to “Google” has become the generic term to search the internet.

When “google” has become part of our English language (officially according to Javed as he states that the term ‘to google’, is now in Oxford English Dictionary), the Internet has truly affected our culture – much the same way that Radio and Television once did. It is ever more apparent that close attention needs to be paid to your space or online “real estate” with billions of people “googleing” to shop, research, create relationships, work and live! 

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