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Chicks Adapt to the New Yahoo Sponsored Search Platform

Running a Pay Per Click Advertising campaign is just not as easy as it sounds.  We have written at length about this in the past, and we continue to spend time perfecting the art of a targeted, successful and measurable keyword advertising campaign. 

I remember a few years ago when I started running paid ads in Google and Yahoo, I thought I had discovered the magic answer to success online – until I exhausted over $1,000 of my Ad spend in one day!  Oops!  How many of you have done that?  (there must be a few more than me out there who thought that they could tinker with paid search advertising on my own with limited experience – how hard could it be?).
 I guess it is not that is necessarily hard, but it is definitely something you have to do well.  You need to pay close attention to properly Geo-targeting, accurate keyword research, bidding wars, click fraud, campaign groups, monitoring daily ad spend, measuring return on investment compared with other marketing channels (both online and off), justifying the increasingly large amount of dollars it takes to pay in this space, continually adjusting to the updates that Google, Yahoo and other search engines make to their Paid Search Platforms – as well of course as applying the common sense marketing know-how to play this game and win. 
Check out Patricia’s recent account of updating her YAHOO! Search Marketing Ambassador status…they even make sure that you are qualified to run these things!  She passed with flying colours by the way!

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