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Doing business in your bathrobe

A friend and colleague of mine sent me a Blog post today about “doing business in your bathrobe day Feb 12”. She said that it reminded her of us Chicks! I had to Blog about it because it is a fantastic example of how to use online channels like Blogs to generate Buzz for your business. Read the blog post here at Publicityhound.com.

You might also find our most recent article of interest “Why a Press Release is not just a Press Release anymore.”

A Couple of Chicks in Robes

The article details how the “chicks” use press releases to distribute content online, create buzz and increase search engine saturation.

By the way…the Chicks do work in their robes!

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  • Chris says:

    I enjoyed the “Why a Press Release is not just a Press Release Anymore” article which I found last week on eHotelier.com.

    Love the bathrobe promo – although I am surprised that marketers work in their robes! I find the sleeves get in the way too often, so I prefer my velvet leisure suit. 😉

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