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Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 4.08.11 PM                                   WE ARE CONNECTED + MOBILE + ONLINE ALL THE TIME.

DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA has changed the way we communicate, learn, and do business today across all industry and every sector.  Understanding how to use digital media and technology is the key to driving sales, operations, brand reach, and managing brand reputation.

ALICIA WHALEN has spent over a decade innovating in DIGITAL + SOCIAL MEDIA as co-founder of the successful digital marketing agency for tourism A Couple of Chicks™, and the annual DIGITAL MARKETING CONFERENCE IN CANADA Online Revealed, an annual event that has been educating the travel and tourism industry in Canada about digital and social media marketing since 2005.

Author of the Digital Marketing Blog IDEAHATCHING.COM, Alicia has been sharing tips and best practices for marketing online since 2007 with popular topics including:

DIGITAL MEDIA EVOLUTION  Whether you are selling products, services or APPS – there is no time to stay out of the loop.  Learn how digital media has affected Sales & Marketing in B2B, B2C, and every business category in-between.

PARTNERS IN SUCCESS:  Digital agencies and small niche shops have become more readily available –  and more affordable.  What to look for in digital media suppliers from web developers to social media experts, and how to get the most from your agencies, developers and other media partners.

STORIES OF INNOVATION:  Learn how some brands have INNOVATED to evolve their services, e-commerce solutions, and methods of communicating marketing messages to match the needs of the new digitally CONNECTED customer.  What digital marketing tactics are working to drive ROI?

CASE STUDIES:  Building strong digital brands in today’s connected economy.


SPEAKING ON DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING – Alicia has produced hundreds of WORKSHOPS, WEBINARS, TRAINING SESSIONS and KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS that leave attendees with the inspiration and the insight into leveraging the power of digital and social media.  With a list of award-winning digital and social media campaign’s, Alicia continues to consult, write and educate about marketing online.



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