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August 27th, 2014
Time for change. A Couple of Chicks™ make a strategic shift


After almost a decade of navigating the brave new world of digital media, we have come to a time to shift – yet again.  This time the shift will be the end of an era and the start of something new for A Couple of Chicks.

When Patricia Brusha, my partner and “the other chick” and I embarked on this adventure in 2005, we saw that the Internet was starting to shift consumer buying behaviour, and that businesses would need to modify sales and marketing strategies in order to survive.  Naysayers would ask how we could ever succeed with a business name like “A Couple of Chicks,” while others opened the door and took a chance on a small firm that claimed they could make marketing online non-intimidating and even fun!

We have come a long way since 2005 when SEO and Paid Search (PPC) marketing dominated the conversation.  Increased access to high speed WIFI, portable devices, consumer adaption of social media channels, the reviousphere, Mobile, big data and analytics, not to mention the evolution of Search, which has become large, complex, and multi-layered – all of which have made marketing online costly and complicated.

These innovations, trends and technologies have impacted how we reach our customers both in building a brand, increasing brand awareness, and converting a sale.  The digital convergence has also impacted all other facets of business from HR to CRM.

Today, you are not a business if you are not a digital business.

The shift has been fast.  With emerging platforms and changing consumer buying behaviour, we have all had to pivot quickly and continually adapt our marketing tactics, while still illustrating ROI to CEO’s and stakeholders.  And we are not finished yet.

There are many that are late to the game. Industries that have trailed behind in adapting to digital as a means to gain market share, build brand awareness and sell products and services, even though today omnichannel marketing in a necessity.

Consumers are looking for convenience, choice, value, and efficiency over their purchasing because digital channels have made that possible.  They are also connected all of the time, across multiple devices, and expect to have an easy buying experience within an converged online and offline path to purchase.

It all comes down to understanding the medium, and adapting to the needs of the evolving digitally connected consumer.

What’s next for A Couple of Chicks?

We are not finished yet! We have chosen to go back to our roots, taking a step back from offering digital marketing services, and back to providing strategic consulting around integration of new technologies, and digital brand development and marketing.

We will continue our work with clients, but will shift away from agency services to offer broader consultation in incorporating multi-platform digital technologies and media tactics across all channels and business units.

We are both looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities that are ahead. What a ride!  Stay tuned… you never know where we might turn up next!


About A Couple of Chicks™Digital Marketing:

Award-winning digital marketing agency A Couple of Chicks™ announces a new direction for co-founders and digital media experts Patricia Brusha and Alicia Whalen. The firm, which has executed digital and social media marketing campaigns for hundreds of clients since 2005, has announced a move towards providing strategic management consulting for companies looking to grow and better integrate technology solutions, digital, social and mobile media assets into all facets of business. 

Innovators in their space, A Couple of Chicks™ began in 2005 as a two-person start-up, and grew to a 15-person full-service digital marketing agency by 2008, offering online solutions, services and training for the travel and tourism industry.  Co-founders Patricia Brusha and Alicia Whalen will continue working with clients, and will continue to deliver keynote presentations, workshops and webinars around social and digital media and marketing.

Press Release: August 27, 2014

A Couple of Chicks Digital Marketing announces strategic shift


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